The Olympic Torch

Today is the last day of the Paralympic Games here in Vancouver, which means tonight, the torch will be dimmed forever.
So, we went down yesterday to take a few pictures, since the last time we went, the camera wasn't working at all. Doh!

Anyway, it really is a stunning bit of sculpture in and of itself, but my dodgy camera doesn't do it justice, as it's really a beautiful steel and turquoise blue glass structure.

I did get some great shots of the caldron by itself, but I really love the crowd shots, too. This is only a very small smattering of people, compared to the crowds for the Olympics, but you get the idea of the level of interest, here.

And I always love wondering about the random people in crowd shots ( as well as think of the random photos of others' that I might be in, too! ).
I wonder who the lady in pink is looking at.
Is the the woman in the Canada hoodie from Canada, or is she a tourist?
Who is the little baby in the Snuggli going to grow up to be?
Did the little boy in white get in trouble for climbing the fence?
Did the man in black get a satisfactory shot of the cauldron?
Is the mascot hot and tired?

We all take pictures with strangers in the background, but how much thought do we really give these people?
And is someone out there looking at their pictures from yesterday with me in them, and wondering the same thing?

Things that make you go, hmmmmmmm.

*Unfortunately, due to my camera issues, my shots for the next week or so will not be taken daily, but WILL have been taken THIS weekend, while I was able to use Kelly's lovely little camera!
Thanks, Kel! :-)
As always, I love sculptural/geometric images. The random humanity makes it even better.
Q? What IS the mascot supposed to be?
posted March 21st, 2010  
It's not one of the official mascots, so I think it's just someone dressed up in a bear costume, wearing a CDN hockey jersey.
Pretty funny, actually.
posted March 21st, 2010  
Interesting take on the random people in the photos. I have never thought of that. Now get that camera fixed!
posted March 21st, 2010  
I like your wonderings... now I'm wondering, too!
posted March 22nd, 2010  
Yes i like your wonderings too....hmm.....
Gosh I just LOVE the stories you put under your photos. They all have meaning to them...and really speak to me. I can see that you are a really deep, caring person by just reading this.
And your comments always make me smile :) I hope I grow up to have half the personality, wiseness, and writing skills that you have.
I'm so glad I found you on this site.
posted March 22nd, 2010  
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