Kitty Gives Me The Stink Eye by 1blond

Kitty Gives Me The Stink Eye

This is Kitty Kitty.
She is Conor and Ty's cat.
And like The Monkeys, she's on to me.
Hates having her picture taken, and certainly didn't appreciate the fake-out.
She knew I was only scratching her behind the ears ( I'm really not choking her! Really! ), in order to get a shot.
She's pissed.

Sorry, Kitty!
Hello kitty !!
November 4th, 2010  
LOL! She doesn't look pleased at all does she? :) Great shot !
November 4th, 2010  
Yeah, but you must be sneaky sometimes.
November 4th, 2010  
Look at those eyes! Nice shot.
November 4th, 2010  
And then the flash goes off and she knows she has been tricked once again! (But she sure is a pretty one!)
November 4th, 2010  
Aww pretty kitty!!
November 4th, 2010  
I can practically feel the soft, sleek fur. What personality you captured in this shot!
November 4th, 2010  
Haha, angry face!
November 4th, 2010  
Purrty Kitty!!!
November 4th, 2010  
Not happy! But a beautiful animal. Is she this colour all over?
November 4th, 2010  
Yes, Kate..she's black all over. As is their dog, Chewy.
Who is too hard to photograph, because he's hyper and lives up to his name. Hallowe'en was a real trip, for him. As it was for us to watch him go good naturedly crazy.
Kitty however, viewed all of the shenanigans with disdain. Or, maybe that was directed just towards me and the camera! ;-)
November 4th, 2010  
She is a gorgeous black cat ..just look at her eyes.
November 7th, 2010  
Hi Kitty Kitty!
She is probably thinking, "sigh, the price I have to pay to get scratched behind the ears..."
November 9th, 2010  
I would just love to know what's running through her head.
December 13th, 2010  
Awww I love black kitties I have one myself!! Great shot!
July 13th, 2012  
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