Soft Pink | Zoom Burst

Oh, my goodness, this was fun. My friend Jenny posted an image yesterday, prompted by her photography group, called a zoom burst. I looked up how to do it and played around a bit today. It's fun! You need a long exposure (I chose 4 seconds). Set the ISO and aperture for proper light. You can zoom in or out, but I found it easier to zoom all the way in, focus, hit the shutter button, then zoom out while it was exposing. Turn the zoom ring steadily, and four seconds later, you're done! I'm not sure of the future benefits of knowing about this technique, but it's interesting, no?

I used my daughter's blue and pink mermaid pillow, made the heart (in honor of St. Valentine's Day, of course, even though the poor guy was beheaded) and set it in a sunny spot in hopes the sequins would reflect the light. They sort of did, but I had to turn down the highlights in lightroom, because they were a bit too shiny. I increased the contrast, too.

Happy Thursday, everyone!
I need to try this, excellent shot!
posted February 8th, 2018  
@stefanotrezzi It's intriguing, isn't it?
posted February 8th, 2018  
Wow this is very cool - love the colours!
posted February 8th, 2018  
What a fun shot!
posted February 9th, 2018  
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