Love A Bit Of Bokeh

I'll be looking and commenting but not going to be uploading for a week!

Apologies as you'll get a week's load of photos in one go.

Get pushed partner - be kind to me - please be aware I'm away from civilisation for a week1
Enjoy and may your time in the 'wild' be memorable.
posted September 22nd, 2017  
Enjoy your break
posted September 23rd, 2017  
Pretty capture.
posted September 24th, 2017  
Enjoy your break from the "joys" of civilization!
posted September 24th, 2017  
Enjoy your time away. Love this shot!
posted September 24th, 2017  
Jackie I would rather take an outside shot but I will do the one you ask. Take a picture of a frame inside a frame. You know like something through an arch or an open door way or even an opening in a wooded area framed by leaves and or branches.
posted September 24th, 2017  
@joansmor ok!! Thank you for setting something I can do on holiday.

If you prefer outdoorsy why not do a nature still life that's an indication of your season. 😀
posted September 25th, 2017  
Lovely design Fav
posted September 25th, 2017  
I tried to give that consideration. And thanks for the change. THe weather here is summer like. You will get me as a partner again and can try the other one again.
posted September 25th, 2017  
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