Whoop Whoop Whoop!!! Despite Rookie Error! by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

Whoop Whoop Whoop!!! Despite Rookie Error!

Anne!! Look!!!! I'm a very happy and excited photographer, and very lucky too.

Went on camera course (I'm doing AYWMC) group trip to the National Trust's Winkworth Arboretum, to catch the autumn colours. I really wanted to find fungi, in particular red and white ones, so kept my eye to the ground (well you see red and orange and green leaves everywhere don't you?!) I found loads of fungi(expect a collage soon!), no red and white ones though.

I did however see some red, the low-battery light and I didn't have my spare one with me! I stopped photographing, and helped a fellow AYWMCer find and compose shots.

On my way out I cheekilly asked the lady who led the foragging session (£11.00 per person to attend) where to find some. Once she'd ascertained I wasn't going to feed them to my reindeer and drink its urine, as Laplanders do to have hallucinations, she pointed me in the right direction.

I had just enough battery to take two photos. Phew

Great color.Fav
October 12th, 2019  
A magical mushroom shot for sure. How wonderful to be able to go on a group outing, I miss that here. Fav
October 12th, 2019  
Fabulous “find” & capture!
October 12th, 2019  
Nicely captured.
October 12th, 2019  
What a tale.... :)
October 12th, 2019  
Lovely shot looks like some ones had a nibble! Years ago I remember going on a fungi hunt where they encouraged you to try a small piece. If it burnt your throag on the way down you new it was poisonous!!
October 12th, 2019  
this is divine :)
I'm doing AYWMC too - which month intake are you, I'm very new just the Sept intake. I'm feeling you are ahead ...
October 12th, 2019  
Love the colors! Looks like a mouse had a nibble and decided it wasn't tasty?!
October 12th, 2019  
Splendid result, bravo!
October 12th, 2019  
Where can you find reindeer these days?
October 13th, 2019  
Brilliant find and capture - lucky with that battery .Fav
October 13th, 2019  
Beautiful mushroom, nicely captured. Very nice lighting.
October 13th, 2019  
October 13th, 2019  
@sdutoit thank you
@shutterbug49 provided by a yellow orb in the sky, no idea what it was
@wendyfrost I know, phew!!
@rexcomu Lapland, but if you want their pee try Amazon?!
@s4sayer thank you
@jeanniec57 it probably drifted off
@koalagardens April, I'm just starting the second book, mainly processing from now
@rjb71 sounds dodgy
@robz and honestly all true
@billyboy I left it there though
@carole_sandford I was stupidly excited
@ludwigsdiana and none of them werd axe murderers
@larrysphotos thank you
@365anne meant to tag you yesterday!!
October 13th, 2019  
October 14th, 2019  
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