My Way by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

My Way

Saw this in Practical Photographer. But, just like when I'm cooking, I didn't have quite right ingredients, so recipe was adapted and I did it my way.

Best of many attempts to photograph it, and to then process it.

A threefer!
I love it, gorgeous sheen on the tulip and lovely textures.
March 23rd, 2020  
it's lovely!
March 23rd, 2020  
Beautiful. It's as if it's breaking free
March 23rd, 2020  
It's very intriguing Jackie. :)
March 23rd, 2020  
Oh, very nice. My first thought was ‘ a tulip on ice’ and the I looked again.
March 23rd, 2020  
Photography can be a wonderful way to pass the time right now.
March 23rd, 2020  
Recipe? How did you do this then? I also thought it was in ice
March 23rd, 2020  
Very clever to add our own recipe
March 23rd, 2020  
March 23rd, 2020  
It works so nicely - and I like that tiny bit of reflection you managed to capture.
March 23rd, 2020  
Ok, I'm intrigued and would love to know the "recipe".
March 23rd, 2020  
I’m not sure what you were after, but your way certainly turned out beautifully. Love the comp and vibrant color.
March 23rd, 2020  
Good old Frank Sinatra.
March 23rd, 2020  
Man that is fab, what a great macro Jackie!
March 23rd, 2020  
A nice capture of the tulip. I'm afraid, though, that I don't understand the aim your challenge.
March 23rd, 2020  
Great composition and sheen on the tulip
March 24th, 2020  
Oooh! Your 'way' Jackie is an effective adaptation of what we can do when we want to. Remember...PP has all the ‘real gear' at their fingertips...and they're not living in confinement!
March 24th, 2020  
I needed a square fish tank, dedicated speed guns, clamps to hold the tulip and an assistant.

I used a plain vase, bright outdoor sunlight, and my assistant multitasked with engineering ideas, supporting the flower, the backdrop, and pouring water at just the right height to get bubbles and coincide with the shutter!!

@s4sayer and they make it seem sooooooo easy
@wendyfrost it had the most beautiful silver when put in the water
@randystreat to get bubbles all around the fliwer
@365anne awww thank you so much
@will_wooderson who????
@shutterbug49 to pretty much get this was my aim,
@merrelyn I'll write it below!!
@farmreporter I kept it there in my crop
@pdulis ta
@onewing I rarely follow baking or washing instructions either, there's a JKB button on my machine ( Jackie knows best!)
@casablanca thanks
@joansmor not if it's your only hobby and you can't go out
@wakelys it does look icy!
@robz think that was idea behind the shot in the magazine
@salza it kept trying to break free
@koalagardens I'm happy with it
@ludwigsdiana that sheen obscured the red colour!!

Their recipe
Fill fish tank with water, put a jar in it, focus on jar and lock focus.
Drop a coin in bottom to show where to suspend tulip to match focus point
Pour water down the stem

Tulips are very buoyant and float out of focus range constantly!!
Pouring water in right place nigh on impossible, and causes tulip to move- a lot!!

Good fun though and thank you for your lovely words.
March 24th, 2020  
Try doing what I am doing. Taking a picture inside using one letter of the alphabet as my inspiration. I started with A. Not all posted here but on my camera club.
March 24th, 2020  
@joansmor good idea
March 25th, 2020  
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