The Pigs Gang by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

The Pigs Gang

Six international 365ers from Canada, UK and USA (and The Lodger Cat ) get together on-line every Thursday to natter and put the world to rights. We throw plastic pigs to score points alternating between games of Pigmania ( a vintage version) and Pass the Pigs (a modern usurper).

Most of us have never met each other in person (I've not met the Americans- yet!!) and our hour together flies by in a flash of laughter.

My Pass the Pigs set is 35 years old, still going strong and they win at least once a month.

Thank you Kathy, Katy, Mary, Sue and Vikki for being in my lit by window light for the OWO's prompt today
i have the exact same screen except you're where i was and i'm where you were. good one, my lady.
November 3rd, 2022  
I guessed this was you when the pic (not pig!) scrolled up and I saw your hair and this was confirmed when I saw the tip of the pussy cat's head......
November 3rd, 2022  
I love that Olive gets in on the act. Always a fun hour.
November 3rd, 2022  
Such a great shot!
November 3rd, 2022  
Fascinating to see what we look like on someone else’s scream! I love that Olive is looking right at the camera. This turned out really well, Jackie
November 3rd, 2022  
A great way to play and chat together and idea for owo.
November 3rd, 2022  
@wendyfrost thank you!
@grammyn she was watching the timer countdown flashing!!
@ludwigsdiana awe thank you
@wakelys but goes away after 10 minutes
@quietpurplehaze it's so frizzy these days!!
@summerfield have you spotted my self imposed challenge on top of OwO??
November 3rd, 2022  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond - course i did. thankfully that would just be for one week. i wonder if you should take a leaf from @francoise 's book and do a month-long self-imposed challenge. since you've started the first anyway, why not go all the way through to the end of the month? now, there's a challenge. surprised no one ever thought of giving you that for a push. 😉
November 3rd, 2022  
This is wonderful!
November 3rd, 2022  
So nice to put faces to 365ers lovely image Jackie:)
November 3rd, 2022  
What a nice photo. Thanks for the kind words. It's the best part of Thursdays. Looks different than my computer too. There's so much to look at in this photo.
November 3rd, 2022  
What a cool thing to do. I really must get my pigs back out…it’s been years
November 3rd, 2022  
It looks lovely to me, not frizzy!
November 4th, 2022  
@quietpurplehaze 🙂
@narayani it's still as much fun
@randystreat I'm going to get that board hung on a wall one day!!
@pcoulson only one appears to be an axe murderer
@berelaxed aww thank you
@summerfield no way!! I jump into 5+2 once a month or so
November 4th, 2022  
What a fantastic group. Sounds like a lot of fun and I hope you all continue to throw pigs for a long time.
November 4th, 2022  
Great idea, and love moggy!
November 5th, 2022  
@boxplayer she's never going back to her proper owner especially as now there's a human kitten there!!!
November 5th, 2022  
Aha! Olive is your secret weapon, right? Great photo for “Lit by a Window.” 10:00-11:00 am CST is my favorite part of Thursday! So glad I share that time with you all.
November 8th, 2022  
Great to see you all having fun ladies
November 13th, 2022  
@kjarn oh Kathy we do!!!
@mcsiegle I'm always home by 3.30 on a Thursday
November 14th, 2022  
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