Wild English Daffodils by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

Wild English Daffodils

A windy walk along the South Downs to West Dean to see the English Daffodils and the Andy Goldsworthy sculptures ( which are just boulders of chalk!)

There is five mile walk along the 15 boulders, think we saw 6 - all in differing states of erosion but ethereal, nature based, impermanent concept art is what Goldsworthy does!

This is a x4 double exposure of shots on phone using SnapSeed. Also for get pushed as this looks a bit windy and Wendy's challenge was to tell a story with movement.
How pretty!
March 15th, 2020  
@farmreporter this one more what you had in mind Wendy???

@jackies365 Jackie it was breathtakingly beautiful, tiny daffodils everywhere in all directions.
March 15th, 2020  
lovely image of the daffs blowing in the wind.
March 15th, 2020  
Lovely daffs. My first thought was that a person is falling out of the tree. Middle left side.
March 15th, 2020  
Excellent, great processing
March 15th, 2020  
Cool effect. The daffs are stunning, so bright and cheerful.
March 15th, 2020  
wowee I never imagined that many!
March 15th, 2020  
What a great result, love the editing. Looks like the point where Winter meets Spring
March 15th, 2020  
That effect is really cool! It doubles the amount of daffs out there.
well done and A FAV!
March 15th, 2020  
I like the effect. Nicely done.
March 15th, 2020  
Very nice!
March 16th, 2020  
Beautiful daffs and a lovely sight to see.
March 16th, 2020  
Great choice of scene for this technique.
March 16th, 2020  
Can't have too many daffodils. Everything looks very fragile and precious.
March 16th, 2020  
What a great end result - it all looks a little ethereal...
March 16th, 2020  
@robz not too much?
@jeneurell they are endangered ( can flowers be endangered,?!)
@amyk it not easy to do well ( as I'm learning)
@wendyfrost they are just soooooo pretty
@fbailey thank you
@randystreat I'm not sure, but thank you
@farmreporter v kindthank you
@onewing it is just that Babs!!
@koalagardens me neither!!
@salza we were all grinni g like happy people!! Yellow flowers do tend to make us grin!
@graemestevens many thanks kind sir
@wakelys oh yes!! Oops
@ludwigsdiana it was actually not windy there, but on top of hill blowing a gale
March 16th, 2020  
Not for me - I just love the tree especially!
March 17th, 2020  
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