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Robert Lang is an American physicist who is also origami enthusiast. Infact he is one of the leading theorist of the mathematics of origami. He is a master of details and has made origami so technical that even the most nimble fingers can actually fold it. He believes in making origami animals and insects very realistic, having real life proportions and shapes. He says to achieve that realism, it doesn't come by accident, you don't find that by trial and error. You have to work pretty hard to get that detail in. And so he uses mathematical and geometric ideas to achieve this goal of a beautiful folded shape.

Robert takes the analogy to music even further to help talk about his work. He even names his pieces by opus number. He says, " What you can accomplish is strongly governed by mathematical laws: in music, the harmonic ratios between the notes and rhythms, and in origami, the laws of paper."

From Wikipedia -
Lang specializes in finding real-world applications for the various theories of origami he has developed. These included designing folding patterns for a German airbag manufacturer.He has worked with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California, where a team is developing a powerful space telescope, with a 100 m (328 ft) lens in the form of a thin membrane. Lang was engaged by the team to develop a way to fit the tremendous lens, known as the Eyeglass, into a small rocket in such a way that the lens can be unfolded in space and will not suffer from any permanent marks or creases.
A cute creation and your description makes for interesting reading - even the most unlikely skills, talents or hobbies have important uses in the world.
posted March 12th, 2018  

isn't that amazing...I was so impressed about the idea of folding airbags for cars in most ergonomical way using origami...
posted March 12th, 2018  
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