Fabulous close up and processing, brilliant shot
posted July 11th, 2014  
Beautiful clarity.
posted July 11th, 2014  
@roseolivia thanks Rachel :-)
@humphreyhippo thank you........getting him to stay still is a feat in itself ;-)
posted July 11th, 2014  
posted July 11th, 2014  
Beautiful, so delicate!
posted July 11th, 2014  
Great image
posted July 11th, 2014  
Oh how I have missed your beautiful images! Fav for me xxx
posted July 11th, 2014  
Perfect focus. Great to see you back on 365 :-)
posted July 11th, 2014  
Beautiful capture. The processing works really well.
posted July 12th, 2014  
posted July 12th, 2014  
I'm a massice lashes fan. This is great, beautiful processing
posted July 12th, 2014  
so sharp and detailed
posted July 12th, 2014  
posted July 12th, 2014  
hey Al ... great to see you back .. you've been missed ... beautiful image ... again ..somethings never change :-)
posted July 12th, 2014  
Gorgeous eye lash close-up!! I wish my lashes were that long!! Hopefully my daughter will get lucky (fingers crossed).

Oh my how I have missed you & your stories about your lovely son Aaron!! (Hope that didn't come across too creepy, haha) I left for a minute and now I'm trying to track down all my old 365 friends & here you and your gorgeous gorgeous photos are!!

Super excited to troll through all the photos I've missed out on!!
posted July 14th, 2014  
Lovely eyelashes!
posted July 15th, 2014  
Great to see your photos again! Your son has the most beautiful lashes. How many toys did this "sitting" cost you?? : )
posted July 15th, 2014  
Beautiful! Love the composition and tones.
posted July 18th, 2014  
Fab! Wonderful! Ace! Fav!

Where you been? How you doing? Hope you and Aaron are both ok :)Why so few pics? .......says he who's posted about four this year! ;)
posted July 22nd, 2014  
@bluefirebucket lolol thank you! :-) Yes me and Aaron are well........Aaron is keeping me busy over Summer vacation, along with working on a new jewelry website, but I do need to pull my finger out....in fact I did take some photos this morning, but they're *cough* rubbish :-) Hope you're well, and enjoying the weather.........it's gorgeous over there at the moment........hope you're not wearing sandals and socks, and showing off your knees ;-)
posted July 22nd, 2014  
Good luck with the website, sounds exciting!
Sandals and socks! Good grief woman, I'm a hip n trendy Mancunian! :)) and sadly at the hottest time of year I'm in overalls so sadly the knees only make an appearance after work.
I will now fav this after saying that I would do days ago :)
Take care ;)
posted July 24th, 2014  
A wonderful image Allison. How are you these days? Fav
posted July 28th, 2014  
Amazing detail ! And the soft sepia tone is great, works very well together !
It was a long time, I hope that you remember me ^^ I didn't forget you, and still love your gorgeous pictures !
See you :)
posted August 27th, 2014  
I love this image. We want more. Get that camera shooting again. You fan club misses you. Shift that butt. Get that grey matter going again. We want more from the Manc Lass.
posted September 10th, 2014  
posted October 30th, 2014  
Just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas. :)
posted December 25th, 2014  
@humphreyhippo Merry Christmas to you. I hope you're having a fab day :-) xx
posted December 25th, 2014  
Aww, saw you were back commenting, thought you might be back posting :-( Hope you're ok, and your family is good.
posted April 23rd, 2015  
posted November 3rd, 2015  
A very happy New Year to you.
posted December 26th, 2015  
@derekvickers I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Derek, and a very Happy New Year to you :-)
posted December 26th, 2015  
Happy New Year! Hope all is well with you.
posted January 2nd, 2016  
How are you doing? I hope that all is OK in your world, D:)
posted February 13th, 2016  
@humphreyhippo a Happy belated New Year to you. I hope you're well :-)
posted February 13th, 2016  
@derekvickers hello Derek.....yes, me and Aaron are both good. I hope you're well.
posted February 13th, 2016  
Nice to hear from you. Glad that you are both OK.
posted February 13th, 2016  
Still not taking pics?
posted February 13th, 2016  
Me again. Just wanted to say Happy New Year and hope all is well with you :)
posted December 31st, 2016  
@humphreyhippo a lovely surprise! Happy New Years to you too :-) We're well.......Aaron is turning into a hormonal teenager who now towers over me, and is making me feel vertically challenged :-) I hope you're well :-)
posted January 1st, 2017  
Love this!!
posted January 12th, 2017  
Pretty. Great focus and tones.
posted November 3rd, 2017  
Just popped in to say Merry Christmas. :)
posted December 24th, 2017  
@humphreyhippo I’ve only just seen this....Merry Christmas :-)
posted December 27th, 2017  
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