21 April Worm's eye view #2 by Cherrill

21 April Worm's eye view #2

My worm is certainly getting around!
Thank you Cherrill for you kind thoughts, I'm sure time will heal.
April 21st, 2010  
very pretty flower! :)
April 21st, 2010  
I think this is *just* how he'd view the world! Beautiful photo composition!
April 21st, 2010  
I love the color of the dandelion made by the sun shining on it.
Your worm is really getting around -- maybe instead of an "inch worm" you have a "foot worm" ....lol
April 21st, 2010  
This is great
April 21st, 2010  
((Hi again Cherrill...Thanks for your note on my photo today :-) Someone wrote that we're all going to need a chiropractor after this week's project is over...maybe! I'm certainly not the most graceful thing, getting up off the ground!

You asked about the sirname, Muenstermann. Ken said his grandfather came to the states from Frankfurt, Germany in the late 1800s. He was fortunate enough to have an aunt who lived past 100 & was alert to the end. She shared a lot of the family history with him, which will mean a great deal to our girls. FYI, my maiden name was Danforth, and my dad did a lot of geneological research. Ken and I both have shared what we know with the girls, and we'll leave it to them now if they want to delve into it more...
April 21st, 2010  
it is wonderful what all we get to see in these wormseye views
he is certainly travellig around a lot.
April 27th, 2010  
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