Riding a cannon

Getting in the American spirit, as you do. Fort de soto park in Florida.
Wicked fun. In VA? Trying to place the cannon.
posted April 24th, 2016  
Didn't want to be up the spout? Being fired out of a cannon is surely the way to go!
posted April 24th, 2016  
Please tell me you were singing 'If I could turn back time' by Cher while this pic was being taken...
posted April 24th, 2016  
Hi there, thats right in my neighborhood. Enjoy your visit. I love that park
posted April 24th, 2016  
Exhibition in Sydney with a selection of these, then the full project as travelling exhibition in Newcastle (Aust) https://www.headon.com.au/exhibitions/face
posted May 6th, 2016  
I must confess it never occurred to me to ride the canon like this when I visited there several years ago. I will admit to being quite a bit older than you at the time though!
posted May 13th, 2016  
You weren't in Cincinnati, OH last night at a comedy show, were you? Guy there looked just like you. Funny if it was and I should have said Hi.
posted May 14th, 2016  
@alophoto hi Amanda, I wasn't, must have been my doppelganger. I hope the show was good.
posted May 16th, 2016  
It was good. But I preferred the comedy of the Englighman to the American. The American was over the top edgy and crude while the Brit told grammar jokes.
posted May 16th, 2016  
@scrivner how do we notifiy you if the site has been crashed
posted June 22nd, 2016  
Dr. Stangelove- that's what I see.

Ross, I posted a comic from Non Sequitur today. Should I remove this? ( http://365project.org/joysabin/365) I truly do not wish to break any rules since I absolutely love this community and its members.
Thank you,
posted June 26th, 2016  
Hope all is well, Ross!
posted July 4th, 2016  
Ross, why did I get a note on my email today that I had not logged in or posted a photo on 365 in "a few months"??? I have posted regularly for 3 1/2 years, missing a few days here and there over the past year or so. Latest post was yesterday, 3 July, and am posting a photo for today right now.. I'm told my account/photos will be deleted if I don't log in within the next 7 days. I log in DAILY!! Why sending me a notice of my photos/account being deleted!!!?????
posted July 5th, 2016  
@aglennc hi Anita, do you have another account this could be related to? Your current account will be fine, I'm sure of it.
posted July 5th, 2016  
@Scrivna None other.
posted July 5th, 2016  
@aglenncI see you have another account here... http://365project.org/anitacampbell/365 .. so I guess you've somehow got the same email address for 2 accounts and the email was about that one. Nothing to worry about.
posted July 5th, 2016  
@Scrivna Thanks for the info Ross. That's interestng. Didn't know that. Should I or could I get rid of one without losing all my photos? Have I been putting photos on both???
posted July 6th, 2016  
I can't find a 'Report' button. Is there one?
I think this spam should be removed: http://365project.org/ishikaroy/365/2016-07-07
posted July 7th, 2016  
@gen2 thanks, I've removed that.
posted July 8th, 2016  
hi ross--sorry for the message here, but my outgoing email isn't working. i've tried to renew my ace membership, but each time it says 'cancelled' upon finishing. i've called my credit card company, but they don't show a declined transaction and said it was likely a problem with the website. i definitely do not want to lose my membership or the photos, etc. can you help me get this resolved? thank you so much!
posted July 25th, 2016  
hi ross--thank you for your reply. i will contact my bank card again and let them know what you've told me and will try again. can you please not cancel my ace membership in the meantime while i get this resolved? thank you so much.
posted July 25th, 2016  
Ross just wanted to leave you a note to say how this site has really done so much for me.

I joined it not thinking that much really, but the support from other members is amazing, the inspiration provided by others shots is exactly what I needed to think more creatively and quite frankly I've become a 365 addict!

I have said over and over that this site has taught me way more than any course I've attended for a fraction of the cost. I learn a lot better little by little by being exposed to good and creative works than I do stuck in a class for a few exhausting hours.

Thank you so much for making this such a great site - really it has pretty much everything you need and nothing that you don't.

The only two things I'd like to see changed are 1) a time when comments are posted 2) the testimonials on the login page aren't all current.

Otherwise fab work!

posted August 9th, 2016  
Thanks @cottiac that's great to hear! I hope you continue to enjoy the site and make progress.
posted August 10th, 2016  
love it ...
posted September 18th, 2016  
Ha! What fun :)
posted November 15th, 2016  
Hi Ross, Just want to thank you for creating this site and keeping it running. It really is a great place and so very well run.
I was wondering if you've ever thought about adding as a feature on our photos "Curated page" (like Trending page). I love looking through the curated photos, seems like the most creative shots are there no matter how many favs they have, and it would be great if they received more recognition for making it to that special page. Just a thought!
I love this site and thank you again for all you do!
posted November 22nd, 2016  
posted November 26th, 2016  
Happy New Year to you & family:)!πŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽ‰
posted January 2nd, 2017  
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