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3D Printing out a pot-plant auto-water wicking widgety thingymebob.
It took close to 4 hours and as you can see, towards the end of the print it decided to break and move slightly, which led it to screw-up. Luckily I caught it before it made too much of a mess, I was able to reprint just the last part, glue them together, and now it's actually making quite a nice plant pot.
I’m impressed! I guess most anything can be 3 D printed now.
January 25th, 2019  
oops but cool
January 25th, 2019  
Amazing what can be done with a 3-D printer.

Thanks for the Edit button. It certainly saved me lots of time. You are the best. This site is awesome, thanks to you.
January 25th, 2019  
Fascinating. Is this made of paper then? How does it survive the water?
January 25th, 2019  
@casablanca 3d printers usually print in plastic (though some can print metal, chocolate and other exotic materials), this is plastic, so it works well in water.
January 25th, 2019  
@Scrivna Did you say chocolate?? :) I had no idea, thanks for the info. So interesting.
January 25th, 2019  
You are a master !
January 27th, 2019  
How absolutely amazing, I had no idea this was possible. Times are moving forward ;-)
February 1st, 2019  
I'm at a loss as to how you can make a plant pot with a printer! Paper doesn't like wet... but I like the idea of a self watering plant pot!
February 7th, 2019  
thank you
April 11th, 2019  
This concept is quite amazing to me.
May 7th, 2019  
Very interesting to see this.
May 9th, 2019  
@gardenfolk yep, they're released on Friday, so tomorrow, 1 more sleep :-)
January 30th, 2020  
@Scrivna Haha! I just realized my mistake! I thought today was Friday! I must be in a hurry for the weekend! :). Enjoy!
January 30th, 2020  
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