"Catting the Drag" by Swazzette

"Catting the Drag"

When I was a teenager, a group of schoolmates and I took great delight in piling into a car and driving up and down the main street all through the evening. This was known as "catting the drag" and the main reason for doing it was to basically see or be seen by your friends. If you've ever seen the movie "American Graffiti" then you've seen this phenomenon since most of the action of the film takes place while they are doing the very same thing. Well, San Francisco appears to give "Catting the Drag" a whole new meaning. I wonder if they also chase them? :-)
hahaha! Great pictures! Very funny!
September 18th, 2010  
we called it cruising, and it is still done here!
September 18th, 2010  
I cruised a lot when a teenager. This is a very fun shot!
September 19th, 2010  
Great pictures. Catting the Drag/Cruising - another thing I missed out on. My mom would have had an absolute fit! Loved the movie though.
September 19th, 2010  
"Dogging" the drag, perhaps??
September 19th, 2010  
lol...great shots!
September 20th, 2010  
September 28th, 2010  
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