Family Vacation on an Island

This one is for Mek (SOOC as we're about to go out for breakfast) who noticed that the weather looked warm (and it was!) and yet some individuals were more bundled up than this. I think that a day visitor might have dressed warmly for the ride over on the catamaran and as the day wore on, it continued to get warmer. These people look as though they planned to enjoy the day, and we noted that it's now Spring Break in many schools, so we saw many lovely young people having a good time.

Have a listen (again) to "26 Miles" by the 4 Preps... no wonder we "oldsters" loved the music of our day! (Another one..."Avalon")
@mastermek Here's another for you...a more typical sight and a pleasure on a late-winter day!
posted March 6th, 2018  
Makes me long for summer! Great shot.
posted March 6th, 2018  
Lovely warm sunshine! Enjoy your stay. Looking forward to seeing more pics of the Island.
posted March 6th, 2018  
Oh! I can’t wait
posted March 6th, 2018  
What do you do to me. ( see my last pic.`s).
KIDDING. I often love the winter weather conditions.
posted March 6th, 2018  
Great candid...Love the lyrics "26 Miles across the sea Santa Catalina is a waitin for me..."
posted March 7th, 2018  
Good to see everyone out and about on such a gorgeous day.
posted March 7th, 2018  
I firmly believe true Californians only own one pair of long pants. They also all have beautiful legs! This is so “California”, that golden sunshine is your’s and your’s alone!
posted March 11th, 2018  
John and I remember with pleasure our trip to Catalina during Spring Break many years ago.
posted March 13th, 2018  
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