Carnival by abhijit


This is for get pushed challenge set by @katharinehubbard
In her words ' take a night shot *without* tripod to see what cool camera blur effects you can get - if you have a P+S or a camera phone use that please! Good luck :)'
This is my response. No tripod used here. Was lucky to have this carnival visiting the local area.
The second part of the challenge was to use P&S or camera phone. Couldn't do that. P&S battery is dead and have no idea where the charger is. And justcould not get myself to use camera phone for a challenge.
This is also SOOC, no edit no crop
Great motion shot!
October 20th, 2012  
Great work with this, especially as you hand held it. Lovely motion blur from the wheel
October 20th, 2012  
@katharinehubbard here's a response to your challenge
October 20th, 2012  
nice! is that the moon at the top?
October 20th, 2012  
@simon0128 @stuckinoz @summerfield thanks
@summerfield not moon. probably a bird or insect lit by the lights
October 20th, 2012  
Cool shot!
October 20th, 2012  
Nice one, very convenient for you that the carnival was in town!
October 20th, 2012  
Oh I love this Abhijit, love the movement and colours, great shot!
October 20th, 2012  
Beautiful low light shot and wonderful movement!
October 20th, 2012  
Great motion - and great steadiness sans tripod too!
October 20th, 2012  
Cool exposure!
October 20th, 2012  
Very cool! Great results on your push.
October 20th, 2012  
Nice long exposure
October 20th, 2012  
Ooooh very nice.
October 21st, 2012  
October 21st, 2012  
Brilliant, well done!
October 22nd, 2012  
ooo love this! the darkness is perfect to highlight the light trails
October 24th, 2012  
Terrific capture
November 1st, 2012  
Nice capture. Great job getting the light trails in a circle.
November 5th, 2012  
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