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hello my friends. i found this yesterday and it is so very true for me. with busy season coming back & trying to keep up with my personal blog as well as my business i just can't keep up with 365, too. :( and if i do it i want to do it with all my heart. i miss it so much and think of you all often and always fondly. i stop in and check out pictures and can't ever "really" leave but just wanted to let you know where i've been and where i'm going. now that my laundry is also piled up to my head i just have been realizing that i need to limit my commitments and make sure i leave some time for me. anyway, this isn't goodbye but see you all later and best of luck with everything. feel (very) free to stop by any of my blogs and if any of you have blogs i'd love to follow them and keep in touch. thanks everyone for the love & support & positivity & just all around good energy the past year and more. all my love! current website:
ahhh you will be miss but totally understand your needs...good luck
April 15th, 2011  
Love your blog... Take care:)))
April 15th, 2011  
:) Thanks but I will follow your blogs - love them
April 18th, 2011  

My name is Marta Costa, I’m a girl from Portugal, currently studying in my last year of High School ( 12th grade ) in the field of Arts. For our Multimedia Class we have to make an Individual Project and I decided to do a documentary plus a videoart, inspired on Steve Reich’s work.

The reason why I’m contacting you is to have your authorization to use parts of your 365 project, use your photography’s to be more precise, in the videos I want to create.

The reason why I choose to focus in the 365 project comes with my personal interest and curiosity for photography and I also invested my time in such project. It’s inspiring, it’s interesting, it’s intriguing which picture picked for each day and there are such wonderful works around there. If you are interested to see what i've done until this day, you can follow me at

If you agree in letting me use your work, I would appreciate if you could submit your name (First and Last, preferably), Country/Home Town where you live at the moment and a brief opinion about what the 365 project means to you.

For example, why did you start it? Do you enjoy working on that project? In which ways the project is related with your daily life? Do you tend to expose your own routine in the pictures or you look more at what’s around you? Overall, do you like or dislike the results you are getting? Does is at have emotional meaning or you see it more like a hobby? Are you enjoying it enough to proceed with it until the end?

Note that this Individual Project has no profitable ends and it will only be exposed to and analyzed by teachers and classmates, including the name of the author and respecting the rights of his/her work.

If any more information is necessary about me or about my project to feel reassured about allowing me to use your work, please, be my guest to ask.

Thank you for your time and I shall wait for an answer.
May 9th, 2011  
Ali you never cease to amaze me not only in your beautiful photography but your beautiful writing pieces. I loved your Mother's Day blog - I can't believe when I see the picture of you how much Zoe looks like you. Speaking of Zoe - she is so beautiful - sad lips and all. You know I love to garden-truly my pass time and I would love to have a little Zoe watering my plants with such love. Keep up the blog love keeping in touch with you. You are very special person
May 13th, 2011  
@dora thank you so so much. i really appreciate your kind words and your sweet friendship. i hope all is well with you!
July 7th, 2011  
It is so nice to hear from you and I hope all is well with you and that Zoe continues to be as beautiful as ever. Miss seeing her growing up. Take care Ali
July 7th, 2011  
Hi Ali Hope all is well with you and little Zoe. I miss see her beautiful expressions and wonderful smile. I also miss you writings about your days with Zoe. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and your family and miss you. :)
September 12th, 2011  
Hi Ali Was checking out your blog and your beautiful photography. Wow you are really amazing and it seems your photography has really taken off. I absolutely loved your recent posting of Katie and Drew's wedding. It is probably the most beautiful wedding photography I have seen in a long time. Loved your angles. How is Zoe doing - my goodness she must be so grown up. Hope you are doing well - take care - miss you here on 365 but can appreciate your beautiful photography on your blog.
November 18th, 2011  
This is beautiful :)
December 13th, 2011  
@dora hi there! i just signed back in because my account was about to be deleted and saw your message. zoe is doing great, she'll be four in september which is unreal. she's in a "no pictures, please" phase but once she's over that i'll post more on my blog and stuff. hope you are well!!!
August 4th, 2012  
Hi Ali it brought a smile to my face when I saw you here. Oh I guess they get to that stage early my daughters are 26 and 29 and I still have great difficulty getting them to allow me to take a photo. Hopefully Zoe will grow out of this soon. I always enjoyed her photos and photos of your life. It always looked so peaceful. Hope you are doing well and thanks for dropping by.
August 4th, 2012  
Good morning Ali! I was looking at comments on a long-ago photo, and so many of those old friends have closed up shop. What a joy to see you stayed in the game! I'll go look at your blog...your photos were always so beautiful and I'm not the only one who enjoyed seeing Zoe grow. With some people I really felt a nice were one of them. My best to you!
March 31st, 2014  
Ali - I went to check out your blog - but it seems to have been shut down :( Did you start a new one?
All the best, Lily
August 20th, 2014  
@lily hi lily! i just have my website/blog all in one now at -- thanks for checking in!
January 5th, 2015  
Happy New Year! It goes so fast, it all seems like yesterday! Zoe's about 8 now???! I'll check your blog again soon! ♥
January 3rd, 2017  
@Weezilou hi!!! she is 8! i have two little boys too -- 3 and 1. i think i'm going to start a new 365 project on here. :) looking forward to seeing you again! hope you're well!
January 10th, 2017  
@acphotography What a delight to know you'll consider coming back! What a wonderful family, and given your beautiful photography site as well, I can see you've been a busy lady!
January 11th, 2017  
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