Genius at Work

Adam!! What a dumb ass. Him, not you. Did he get the hell out of the way or get run down?
posted November 21st, 2014  
OMG, that is one dumb ass indeed! Did he got out?
posted November 21st, 2014  
posted November 21st, 2014  
@amandal He's fine. It was a reenactment...for a advertising campaign.
posted November 21st, 2014  
@susale He's fine. It was a staged event for an public awareness campaign.
posted November 21st, 2014  
Shew, good...that looked like a serious close call. Did you just happen upon this shoot? Sorry that I called the poor model/actor a dumb ass, but...
posted November 21st, 2014  
Glad I read your comments, looks like a close call
posted November 22nd, 2014  
Great shot!
posted January 1st, 2015  
VERY important public awareness campaign, and rather dramatic, too. Wonder how you happened to be there? In any case, Taffy and I are going to be in NYC next week and we're meeting with Michael on Monday. Sure hope to see you, too!
posted October 7th, 2015  
I'm glad you commented as I hadn't seen this...what a weird thing to have found -- but you are an amazing spotter!
posted October 15th, 2015  
Hi! Thought you were back on 365! :)
posted October 19th, 2015  
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