Blood Moon 2015.

So, uhm, set the alarmclock at 3.45am sneaked onto the attic (scared the neighbours to death maybe) and then what? Bloodmoon, yes, but supermoon? No.. So sad.
Anyway these two are the best shots i could manage there with the camera pointed through the roof-light.
It was a bit misty/cloudy as u can see.

Anyway will hopefully be back on track the upcoming week. Just a few more texts and i will be done with my first month as a freelancer. WhoopWhoop!
Da bist du ja genauso früh aufgestanden wie ich. Nette Mondfotos. Ich stand mit Taschenlampe, Stativ und dick vermummt im Garten- wohlgemerkt ohne Kaffee und hab mir das auch angetan
posted September 28th, 2015  
@khirsch Danke dir! :D Ja ich war auf dem Dachboden, habe die Beiden die darunter wohnen sicher erschreckt.. :D Und dann hab ich die Kamera aus dem Dachfenster gehalten, ohne Stativ.. :D
posted September 28th, 2015  
Nicely taken - well done! So viel besser als meine! [Saw your comment on Karin's! ): ]
posted September 28th, 2015  
@ivan :D Many thanks! Yep, that´s the thing, someone is always better hu? But that`s the only way we learn. :)
posted September 28th, 2015  
ich habs nicht mal geschafft wach zu bleiben! Super Fotos :)
posted September 29th, 2015  
Oh very cool blood moon Katia! I could not get up that night. ;p
posted October 5th, 2015  
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