Now i´m sitting here desperately trying to find the right words.
The right words to say goodbye.
Goodbye to the kindest, warmest and greatest communities on the world wide web.
But for now i have to move on - and push all the things i´ve learned here into a new direction.
I´m thinking about publishing a new blog (in german that will be) and continue with snapshots from my live on instagram (agentzuckerguss).

I laughed, cried and above all learned so much here!
My faith in humanity was restored so many times looking at your gorgeous shots, reading your always so kind and encouraging comments and while getting to know so many different places of the world.
Words cannot say how grateful i am to have been part of such a glorious fellowship!

And i really do hope that some of you will connect with my via instagram or facebook or the new blog once it is published.

Much love to each and every one of you - you are all the GREATEST!


Oh my gosh, I am so sad! But Katia, I know you will succeed in your new venture. I will miss you so much and your lovely, creative, memorable photos. God bless you and blessings on your future.
posted July 30th, 2014  
Sorry to see you go Katia.
posted July 30th, 2014  
Nooooooooooo! Say it isn't so! It has been amazing following you and getting to know you, Katia! Good luck on your new ventures! I will definitely check out your new blog! You'll be greatly missed!
posted July 30th, 2014  
Neinnnnn nicht gehen .....! Ich werde deine tollen Fotos vermissen und vor allem aber deine lieben Kommentare! Wenn du magst dann können wir ja unsere Facebooks tauschen? Würd mich freuen wenn ich deinen neuen Blog lesen darf? Liebe Grüße und alles alles Gute bei allem was du vorhast! *schnief* xxx
posted July 30th, 2014  
Good luck Katia in all you do!! I am sure you will be a success!! We will miss seeing your photos. Many thanks for all the supportive comments you have given me - so very much appreciated!!
posted July 30th, 2014  
All the Best to YOu :) :) :) and thank You :) : ) :)
posted July 30th, 2014  
Das macht mich echt traurig! :( Aber viel Glück mit deiner neuen Blog! Tschüß! You will be missed! x
posted July 30th, 2014  
Hi Katia, just as I'm coming back
I will find you on instagram :)
posted July 30th, 2014  
@atwinfay @bill_fe @orangecrush @annika82 @pamknowler @katrin @helly31 @monika64 Awwww - such kind wishes, you all make it even harder for me to leave this site... Sending each and every one of you a BIG HUG, much love and all the best! :) Other news, my new german blog is online! http://fraeuleinbaofhartz.wordpress.com/ Not much pictures ´til now, but stay tuned for new uploads/updates! :) If you wnat to follow me via instagram, search for agentzuckerguss! :) Again, you all are Superstars! :))
posted July 31st, 2014  
Oh, es ist echt schade, dich hier zu verlieren. Deine Fotos gehörten zu den wenigen, die ich mir immer alle angeguckt habe. Der Link zum Blog ist natürlich gespeichert. Dir alles Gute!!!
posted July 31st, 2014  
Good luck in all things. It has been fun following you agentzuckerguss.
posted July 31st, 2014  
Do you have an instagram adress already or have i just to type in agentzuckerguss?
posted August 1st, 2014  
@fallingstar :) Ich hoffe du hast viel Spaß beim lesen und gucken! Und ja, mir fällt es auch schwer zu gehen, aber es ist irgendwie zu viel geworden.... aber wir bleiben ja über den Blog hoffentlich in Kontakt! Und überings: Tolle Märchen-Serie die du da im Moment machst! :)))

@adambralston It was a great pleasure to follow you too Adam! :)) And who knows, maybe there will be one day a comeback.. ;)

@aristide Einfach den Nickname eintippen! :) Mich gibts schon länger bei instagram! :)
posted August 1st, 2014  
Sorry to see you go. Thank you for your wonderful support. Best wishes for the future.
posted August 2nd, 2014  
Oh neiiin :( Alles Gute, ich schau mir mal deinen Blog an, hab aber leider kein Facebook oder Instagram :/ sorry...
Aber bitte lösch deinen Account nicht, vielleicht hast du ja nochmal Lust wiederzukommen :)
Werde deine lieben Kommentare & Bilder vermissen!
posted August 5th, 2014  
Thank you SO much for all of your support Katia. You're really amazing and you've helped a Huge bunch of people while on this project! If anything i'm glad that Drippy is here to say goodbye :)
posted August 10th, 2014  
You left!? Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my photos Katia. I'll miss you on here - best of luck with everything :)
posted August 18th, 2014  
@spanner Thank you so much! :) It was great fun to follow your creative progress on here!

@justaspark Hey duuu! :) Sorry für meine späte Antwort, ist wieder ne Menge los hier! ;) Und hey, klar behalte ich mir hier ein Hintertürchen offen! :D Ach ja, hab gesehen, dass du mich bei pinterest geaddet hast, da war ich ewig nicht mehr, aber vllt schau ich mal wieder rein! :) Alles, alles Liebe! :)

@petalbox Such a heartwarming comment dear Rachael! :) I hope you´re fine, and hey, maybe i will return one day - since then: just the very best fpr you! :))

@lily Yes, at the moment it´s a bit too stressful to keep up with the project.. but hey i liked your facebook page and enjoy your wonderful pictures of Blomme und Fjord! :) So we will stay in touch! ;) All the very best dear Laerke!
posted August 19th, 2014  
posted November 12th, 2014  
I just realised that I haven't seen your photos or comments for ages. Been busy myself. Have fun on other pastures. And all the best where ever you'll go :)
posted January 18th, 2015  
Hey, all the best with instagram. I am back and hope you might feel inspired to come back one day, too. Just to make sure that I will realise when you come back: following.
posted February 15th, 2015  
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