World's Largest Rose Bush

Tombstone, Arizona -- There are no neon signs leading one to the location of the world’s largest rose bush in the former hotel and boarding house at the corner of 4th and Toughnut Streets -- just the sign on the building that says “World’s Largest Rosebush”. The bush was planted in 1885, back when Tombstone was a boom town for silver mining. The tree now officially covers 9,000 square feet, (836 square meters), and its gnarled trunk is about 12 feet around. (3 1/2 meters) The whole thing is so big that its branches have to be supported on a massive trellis, which spreads out horizontally underneath the foliage. .

Two cuttings of the Lake Banksia Rose bush that displays small white blooms for about six weeks every April was sent from Scotland in 1885. One died, and this one flourished. It was planted in the yard of the, then, hotel (now a small museum) where it stands today. Walk into the yard and look up….. It’s unbelievable. In the 1990s the current owners built a platform with steps so people could see the bush from above.

The town’s residents say that when the bush blooms each April the fragrance is breathtaking. When the bush is in bloom is also the time when couples like to be married underneath its canopy of white blooms.

The rose bush is now 130 years old!
Another truly amazing story Anita. Now, if you wouldn't mind going back there when the bush is flowering, climbing up on to that platform and taking a picture of the bush in bloom that would be great. (Just kidding).
posted November 19th, 2015  
@susiemc Haha! We would love to see this in full bloom. Guess it is really magnificent. And we'd like to return to Tombstone too........ We walked up the several steps on the platform and looked over the top of the bush. It's really dense and so pretty even without blooms.
posted November 19th, 2015  
Wow, Tombstone is home to some amazing things.
posted November 19th, 2015 shot and find!
posted November 20th, 2015  
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