Adding Fuel to a Hot Air Balloon by aglennc

Adding Fuel to a Hot Air Balloon

Common liquid propane gas (LPG) is used to heat hot air balloons. Some balloons carry 40 gallons of propane in two 20-gallon stainless steel tanks; others carry three 10-gallon tanks. Propane is a stable and predictable fuel and burns easily.

We stood within five feet of this balloon as it was being fueled. We watched balloonists prepare the balloons from having them spread out on the ground to having them lift off. Being up close and personal and able to wander the massive grounds where pilots were preparing for flight was an unbelievable experience. Thousands and thousands of spectators were on the field doing the same thing.
Wow! You were so close to the action! Fav
October 23rd, 2018  
@dorsetsteve Yes we were. What a thrill to watch and be so close to the activity going on.
October 23rd, 2018  
@dorsetsteve Thanks for the fav Stephen. Much depreciated. It was definitely magical.
October 23rd, 2018  
Wow! That looks dangerous. Brilliant shot.
October 24th, 2018  
Helen and I had a balloon rife a few years back it was such an awesome experience - loved it 🙂
October 24th, 2018  
@paul10 I would love to do so, but I do NOT like heights. The photography ops would be awesome!!! My husband would like to do it...... However....... He won't do it unless I go with him. Just can't do it!
October 25th, 2018  
Gosh that must have been a spectacular experience
October 26th, 2018  
@rosiekind It was magical!
October 28th, 2018  
Great shot
October 28th, 2018  
@rosiekind Thank for the fav Rosie. This was really a magical experience.
October 29th, 2018  
Anita, I haven't seen any posts from you for quite a while. I'm praying all is going well in your life.
December 29th, 2018  
@paul10 There was no way I'd take one. I just don't like heights. But seeing all of them going up at the same time was inedible.
December 30th, 2018  
Great capture you can almost feel the peoples thoughts.Fav:)
January 9th, 2019  
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