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12/23/15 -- I can't believe that today I start my fourth year on 365. What a ride the past three years have been...... I have met so many wonderful people who all share my enthusiasm for photography; (I have even met some of you in person!!). All of you, with your photos and comments on mine, have been such an inspiration to me. What a joy it is and has been to learn about your part of the world through the eyes of your cameras and your photo narratives!

I am a native southern Californian and still live here. My husband and I are retired! Grandma and great grandma. My hobbies are photography, travel and motorhome camping, writing, reading, and our two dogs, both Miniature Poodle mixes!! I've enjoyed photography from a young age, but 365 has changed the way I see things....... and photograph them! I've also discovered I take a second look at things I would have completely passed by before starting 365. The project has definitely been a learning experience, in more ways that just my photo taking.

My husband now calls himself my 'camera caddy' and enjoys my enthusiasm and seeing photos others have taken that I show him. I think he even prides himself on pointing out certain shots, angles, etc. for my own photos........

My daughter did three years of 365 and decided to take a break, at least, as of a year ago. After working on me for two years, she finally convinced me to try it, and I was hooked within a week! Linda (@Linda C) is the third generation in the family who is interested in the hobby of photography.