Thor, the Action Figure 2 by ahleena

Thor, the Action Figure 2

So. Long story.

This starts maybe a few weeks back when my daughter returned from a month-long house-sitting thing, bringing her two Yorkshire Terriers back home with her. Thor has thought himself an Only Dog up till now, and is overly glad to have canine siblings/live squeaky toys to play with. Her dogs however do not really appreciate this intruder who likes to play soccer with their entire bodies as a ball. The pup needs social skills. And this just underlines what the vet told me at the outset; I need to socialize him.

So, my daughter thought to help him make some dog-friends his own size by taking him to her friend's house for a play date with her two female dogs. Only it didn't go down that way. The moment the door opened the dogs burst through, and Thor, in my daughter's words, screamed. And this was an invitation, apparently, for the resident dogs to attack him...or at least one of them. One or both have some pit bull mixed into their heritage, though only one went after Thor, and latched onto his face/throat. The owner-boyfriend tackled her and put her in a wrestler's lock, and the owner jumped in, putting one hand between the dogs as a shield, and the other hand she put inside her mouth to try to pry it open. My daughter made sure the second dog didn't join the fray, and helped in whatever way she could. When the pit bull mix finally realized she was chewing her own owner's hand, she broke off the attack and all the dogs were separated. Then triage began. Thor had a puncture or two on his neck and the owner had several punctures on her hand. Everyone felt bad, in general. This was Friday before I got home from work.

Saturday Thor seemed fine at first, but by evening he'd developed a fever and half his face was terribly swollen, and he was lethargic and disinterested in anything but sleep. He was allowed to sleep in our room.

Sunday he was more active and chipper, still terribly swollen.

So today we are at the vet, keeping Thor entertained with a game of Pat the Laser Dot. Since he's been so much more laid back with his swollen face, I could have gotten a picture of him being still. But I liked this one better.

Oh yes. As any good mother of a baby would report:
At 7 weeks: 11 pounds.
Today (16 weeks): 41 pounds
So sorry to hear of his bad encounter. Talk about a bad first date... Nice use of blur to direct the viewer's eye to the laser pointer.
May 24th, 2017  
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