Houston, We Have a Problem by ahleena

Houston, We Have a Problem

About the scene:
This is the Top Fuel competition at the National Hot Rod Association "nationals" competition in Baytown. This is the big league. These top fuel cars, when zooming down the track, shake your chest with sound. It's noisy even with ear plugs in. It's quite a rush, pardon the pun. On this particular run, the nearer rail (not really called a car) is having engine problems, hence the uneven, darker orange flames. By the time he got to the end of the track, he was on fire. "He" meaning the rail, not the driver.

When there is a fire like this, or any other trouble, it is followed by a lengthy and thorough scrubbing, spraying, and blowing of the track on both sides. Can't have a stray part or an oily patch ruining the next driver's run...or taking his life.

About the photo:
I took this with my iPhone 6s, which you may know comprises the majority of my project. I took it in a burst. I've always been happy with my iPhone as a camera, both because it's the one I usually have with me (first requirement of a "best" camera) and even when I have a choice, it often gives me a clearer, cleaner picture. It's amazing. But at times, especially when I can't get close to the subject, the wide angle is a detriment. This picture is zoomed about 50% and the quality certainly has suffered. More on this matter on the next picture.
Great action shot, hope the drivers came out safe?
April 17th, 2019  
@jacqbb Thank you! I believe he did.
April 17th, 2019  
Given how quick rails are, that's excellent panning. Thanks for the flame explanation. I wonder if drivers in such situations later give silent thanks to Don Garlits for first putting the driver in front of the parts most likely to shower the driver with flames and shrapnel.
April 22nd, 2019  
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