No, Not Premature. Mature, A-ged, Wizened Parachute.  by ahleena

No, Not Premature. Mature, A-ged, Wizened Parachute.

That title is an Eddie Izzard reference, and the first thing I think of when I see this picture.

About the scene:
Same event, same day as yesterday's picture, different car class. These cars are noisy but don't shake you. In this photo, the driver in the far lane accidentally deployed his chute the moment he left the line. Hard for your car to be all it can be while dragging its air brakes. He lost, naturally. But, maybe he was wound up a little tight because he was running against John Force (near lane), who has pretty much dominated the sport for at least a decade.

About the photo:
Yes I know it's brighter. The sun came out and the wind did an about face. This picture was from a burst series taken on my husband's iPhone XS Max. It also was taken at about 50% zoom but the picture quality is leaps and bounds better, I think. He's been talking to me about upgrading but I haven't really been interested. Until now. Still, I might hold out for the iPhone 11, which I hear the three camera array will be even better than my husband's phone.
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