dude by aikimomm


O where O where is @robinwarner when I need her to do photographic justice for this character? I bet she'd have talked with him and got his probably very colorful story, too. All I could do was point the camera surreptitiously as I was walking along, and was lucky to get what I did.
yep that's a robin special! well captured though!!!
August 7th, 2011  
oh please....you are too funny..OMG i wish i was with you...this is genius...he would have probably been a stealth shot from across the way...not sure if i would have talked to this guy...but beyond impressed with you my friend...xoxooxoxo
August 7th, 2011  
Great shot - what an interesting character!
August 7th, 2011  
Yes, this is definitely a Robin Warner shot. Great character you captured.
August 8th, 2011  
Great shot! This is a very interesting fellow and I know he probably has a very interesting story.
August 8th, 2011  
Well, I think you did a fine job! These are very difficult shots to get, so you did a bang up job being sneaky and getting such an image!!
August 8th, 2011  
Wow. Quite the character you captured...sneaky or not you got a great shot!
August 9th, 2011  
When I saw this photo, I thought about Robin, awesome capture!
August 11th, 2011  
@alecio Thanks, Alecio. So, are you and Robin coming to the Central Coast when Cary and I will be there the end of the month??????? Hope so!
August 12th, 2011  
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