The Tin Church by ajisaac

The Tin Church

Church of All Saints, Brokerswood, North Bradley.

This tin mission church was originally erected at Southwick to replace the iron church there that had been destroyed in a fire in 1897.

When a new stone church was built in Southwick in 1905 the tin church was taken down and reassembled at Brokerswood on land given by a Mr Asher of Wimborne.

It has a stone and rubble foundation and a raised wooden floor, while the main structure is of wood with galvanised corrugated iron cladding. There is a small vestry annex at the north east corner and a high pitched bell over the main west entrance. There are no mains water, gas or electricity and heating is by portable gas heaters and lighting by oil lamps.

The church was restored in the 1990s and is still used for services.
Great b&w of thischurch, interesting info too.
January 8th, 2019  
Nice perspective shot and interesting history lesson. Thanks.
January 9th, 2019  
@jacqbb Thank you very much for your kind comments. Glad you like the history - I like to try & find out background information on the subject matter I am photographing.
January 10th, 2019  
@dood14 Many thanks for your kind comment. I like researching the history where possible of my subject matter.
January 10th, 2019  
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