A Harrowing Experience by ajisaac

A Harrowing Experience

On my walk a freshly harrowed field making for 'a harrowing experience'!

A Harrow is a farm implement used to pulverize soil, break up crop residues, uproot weeds, and cover seed.

In Neolithic times, soil was harrowed, or cultivated, with tree branches; shaped wooden harrows were used by the Egyptians and other ancient peoples, and the Romans made harrows with iron teeth.

There are four general types of modern harrows: disc harrows, tine harrows (including spring-tooth harrows, drag harrows, and spike harrows), chain harrows, and chain-disk harrows.
nice shot
September 20th, 2020  
@dutchothotmailcom Many thanks.
September 24th, 2020  
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