Dinnertime macro

I'm trying really hard to stick to this daily photo thing but my day to day consists of a lot of dishes and laundry so... Here's my dinner :)

Honey sesame chicken over rice and veggies
i have taken photos of both dishes and laundry in my time here lol
posted December 29th, 2017  
It looks delicious! Did you make it from scratch?

No worries on the food photo; I submitted a photo of my newest book. I can't always get outside for an optimal shot. Life prevails!
posted December 29th, 2017  
@teresamaro I did make it from scratch. I got an instant pot last summer and this is one of our very favorite recipes, even the kids eat it (they’re super picky)

And y’all will probably see a lot of my house in the coming week. Kids still aren’t in school so I’m pretty housebound unless I want to take four with me, which I usually don’t lol.
posted December 29th, 2017  
LOL!! It does get tough to do this daily. I am going to be posting less often next year I think. This looks very tasty and a nice macro!
posted December 29th, 2017  
I empathize with you about thinking up subjects for daily photos. I think that this is a fine close-up of your dinner.
posted December 29th, 2017  
That looks good!! Not perfect for Veganuary though....
posted January 5th, 2018  
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