A boy and his pup...

I've been feeling inspired by photographers lately that show the sometimes less picturesque way of life-Lois Bielefield's weeknight dinners ( http://www.loisbielefeld.com) or Barbara Peackock's American Bedroom series ( http://www.barbarapeacock.com/american-bedroom/). I just like seeing real people in their real lives. I've always felt a draw to lifestyle photography and have been sort of trying my hand at it recently, or my own version of it at least :)

As for this photo-this is a recent phenomenon. My almost 10 year old chihuahua has on a rare occasion been in the kids beds. Mostly he sleeps in ours, right against me. But he recently injured his back leg and our bed is difficult to navigate with his injury without assistance-our vet said to make sure he rests and doesn't jump or use the leg for anything strenuous while it heals. So he gave up on our bed and has claimed my kiddos as his new shared space-it's a bottom bunk and much lower so he doesn't even really have to jump at all, just hoists up a bit using his front paws. He seems to prefer it-less traffic, we start out the night with just us and the dogs and wake up with at least one kid, but usually more like 2-3 kids strewn about. He gets to share this bed with just one kiddo and our other pup that has followed suit and is at the foot of the bed. Kiddo doesn't seem to mind, although he got a little frustrated when he tried to go to bed and both dogs were stretched across the bed.
there is hardly room for the poor boy haha
posted January 19th, 2018  
@kali66 It’s funny, he sleeps like that pup or no pup. He gets himself all jammed up into a corner or curled up at the top of the bed only. I’m the same way, as a kid I slept against the wall lol. Couldn’t sleep if I wasn’t touching a wall.
posted January 19th, 2018  
Sweet capture! A very “real life” scene. :-)
posted January 19th, 2018  
So cute! Love the lighting!
posted January 19th, 2018  
Love that! All dog and tiny kid! Such a heartwarming sight.
posted January 20th, 2018  
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