Calling it quits (with grassy love)

A deliberate decision this time. While I dropped the ball during my third pregnancy and after my son was born, I have come back and been trying to post semi-regularly, and certainly browsing and commenting where I can (being realistic about all my commitments and projects), and have even gone out of my way to find some new (and awesome) people to follow, since many I follow no longer post regularly (or at all). However as much as we all know praise and ego is not what this project is about, I'm finding it kind of pointless posting (what I think are reasonably good) photos for (very often) one or two comments, or even none at all. This is in no way a criticism of any of my followers because I totally understand how busy life is! And I am especially grateful to those few friends whom I still get regular comments from - you guys rock. But I am just not finding incentive to continue. If you would like to stay in touch I'm on Facebook at and

Edit: also now on Instagram! alisonharveyphotography
Wonderful back lighting, indeed a very appealing photo. Sorry to see you leave, but I do understand.
All the best!
posted May 22nd, 2016  
Back lighting is something of a signature style for you, I think, so this is a lovely way to sign off. I'm sorry you're calling it a day but I understand your reasoning. I've learnt a lot about photography from you, always admired your pictures and always enjoyed our exchanges. Thank you and best wishes.
posted May 22nd, 2016  
@jasperc You especially rock, Jasper! :) The backlighting is probably just a phase I reckon, still trying to learn to control it :) Would be great to keep in touch.
posted May 23rd, 2016  
@wintivic Cheers Vic! I have been so enjoying your photography and may just have to pop back now and then to have a look :)
posted May 23rd, 2016  
So sorry that you are dropping off of 365. I had really hoped you would join us on Saturday, but I know that you must be so busy with 3 children. I will follow you on Flickr, and hopefully in the future, you could join us on a photowalk.
posted May 23rd, 2016  
Whoops, you are not on Flickr, are you?
posted May 23rd, 2016  
@888rachel Thanks Rachel. Yes I signed up once but didn't really know what to do with it! Tried to log in recently with a forgotten password and the security was to robust to let me reset it! Haha. I am on Facebook though.

Yes I was hoping to join you on Saturday, we had actually planned to have our son's birthday party that day (yes already) but another friend was having a service for a baby they had lost, and my out of town family were all at our house in the morning anyway on their way to that also. So it just ended up being completely impossible.

Would be happy to swap numbers though - since we are practically neighbours! You know, if you are ever out for a sunrise walk or anything! :)
posted May 23rd, 2016  
@888rachel Haha I haven't done one in a looooong time. But you know, if you are out and about ... let me know :)
posted May 23rd, 2016  
@aliha I don't have your number, just sms it if you want
posted May 23rd, 2016  
Was a little confused by the comment you left on my photo so I looked on your profile and read this.
Sorry to hear you're leaving, perhaps keep your profile open and see if you can come back now and then. I know what you mean about the project - I sometimes feel as though I don;t get a lot back from it but it's also down to what I put in and sometimes that isn't much. But only because I am too busy. I don't work 9-5, Mon-Fri so sometimes just the thought of editing and getting online is too much. I think your shots are great but I know I may not have commented often. I appreciate all your comments on my shots, it does mean a lot.
I hope you still shoot often, and maybe you'll come back to this site again.
The shot for today with all the little hearts is a great way to sign off...!
posted May 23rd, 2016  
@stevecameras Thanks Steve, yes didn't mean to go fishing :) Yes I don't feel this is really for lack of "putting in" - it's very easy to jump on, have a quick browse and leave half a dozen comments - but I do find it near impossible to choose a photo, edit and post every day, and when I finally get one posted ... you know, I wonder why I bothered haha!! Anyways yes I may do that ... and no I am definitely not quitting photography! Be well :)
posted May 23rd, 2016  
I'm sorry you are leaving, Alison! I know my posting and commenting is way down. I'm trying to find a reasonable commitment level, but I realize that means I am missing great shots being posted like yours. Sorry about that! I do hope you will continue to post from time to time. This is beautiful! I love the bright and airy feeling.
posted May 25th, 2016  
@pflaume Thank you Lisa, I appreciate you taking the time. Some of your photos will continue to be a great source of inspiration for a long time to come (I can see half a dozen in my mind's eye without trying too hard!). Yes I may pop in now and then. It's a consuming forum (to do it to its fullest) and I know a lot of us have struggled to find the balance. But there are some great people around here and it seems a bit extreme to never come back! :)
posted May 26th, 2016  
Sooooo sad to see you go!! Loved following your work. All the very best. X
posted May 29th, 2016  
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