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Update June 2016
I have decided to take my #365project over to Instagram @alisonharveyphotography. I'm also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/alisonharveyphotography. Trying to generate a little bit of business and keeping up with this as well has been proving too much. xx

This project for me is (still) about improving my photography skills. I started in early 2014 and didn't quite get through the year, but learnt a great deal and found the 365 community really valuable. Since starting I have photographed three births, had a third child myself, and gained a little experience with maternity and family photography. I am booked to do my first large family shoot (!!) next month (March 2016).

These days I can't really commit to the everyday of 365, but I do try to pop in now and then. As always, I'm interested in constructive criticism, teaching and learning, and will ask you questions about your photos :)