Thank You by allegresse

Thank You

What a wonderful year this has been! I have learned and grown so much! Not only as a photographer, but as a person too. This website was my first "photo class." I started out trying to learn how to use my husband's Nikon D90 -- which gradually became more "my camera." I was excited to get off Auto!

This community has been such a huge blessing in my life. I have learned so much just by observing other's photos and faving the ones that stood out to me (seriously, check out my Favs, they are outstanding!! Maybe you're in there). ;-)

I've also learned a lot by imitation, and just getting ideas and inspiration from other photos. Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who ever commented on a photo of mine and to everyone who was such a positive example to me!

There is nothing out there like this community. Everyone, keep on taking those great photos! The best feeling in the world is when you accomplish something, and learn and grow in the process. Boy have I grown! I'm so proud that I stuck to something and completed it. There were difficult days, and I did cheat with a few fillers. But, mostly I think my album is honest. And that's what I wanted.

I strive to find the beauty in everything. Even ordinary objects. I've learned that light is a photographer's best friend -- not necessarily an expensive camera. I've learned to try new things and not be afraid. I learned that I really REALLY love this!

I've decided I will not be carrying on with uploading every single day (way too much of a time commitment), but I will be on from time to time if I feel like I have something worth posting. I'm going to be working on building up my portfolio so that I can maybe try some stock photography.

Thanks again to this wonderful community! You are all amazing!!! Take care. =)

p.s. About this photo...well, that is a delicious (I know, I tried some) Boston Cream Cake with chocolate frosting. This is not how I envisioned this photo coming out, and I will keep trying to achieve the result I want with lit candles on a cake. It's all a learning process. =)
Grats on 365!!!
September 3rd, 2011  
@lolanae Thank you!! I'm excited that I now get to browse other people's projects more and comment more. =)
September 3rd, 2011  
Joyful joyful....well done, Hope the cake tasted as good as it looks!
September 3rd, 2011  
Congratulations! I have enjoyed following you and your stories! Take care and I hope you check in from time to time.
September 3rd, 2011  
Awwwww well done.. a massive achievement x
September 3rd, 2011  
Congratulations! I think this is still pretty cool how this came out. I'm glad you'll be sticking around here and there. I think that's probably what I'll be doing as well.
September 4th, 2011  
Wow congrats on getting to the end! I like how this turned out!
September 4th, 2011  
Great final shot, well done :)
January 14th, 2013  
Congrats and hope you will continue to upload.
April 12th, 2013  
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