The Bee Keeper by allie912

The Bee Keeper

I walked past the community garden today and had no intention of stopping til I saw The Bee Keeper! I had never met him before and thoroughly enjoyed hearing his informative tales of setting up his hive and caring for it. He said the bees will remain active til the temperature settles at a high of 50. Since the pollen sources are diminishing, he provided a bottle of sugar water for them today, and they were hovering all around it. He also said it was safe to be near the hive. Just not right in front of the opening.
Next year he is adding another story to his hive which he anticipates will add greatly to honey production. Meanwhile the other gardeners all told him their crops did much better this year which they attributed to the assistance provided by the bees.
He is a lovely man with such enthusiasm for his fuzzy friends. I was happy to have a chance to chat.
How exciting and interesting! I love bees and have a new plant that recently flowered. Today it was covered with bees which made me very happy!
September 20th, 2020  
great story telling in this photo allison
September 21st, 2020  
How fun to meet such a knowledgeable person!
September 21st, 2020  
I'm allergic to bees so probably wouldn't have joined you but I'm sure it was interesting listening to him
September 21st, 2020  
Interesting, Maddie.
My husband was a bee keeper, many years ago now.
September 21st, 2020  
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