How Do They Do It? by allie912

How Do They Do It?

The mum on the left is growing in a garden border. It has been there a number of years. As you can see, it blooms on its own schedule. How do garden centers get all the blooms on potted mums to bloom simultaneously?
good question allison !!!
Nice double photo
October 15th, 2020  
lots of drugs !!!!!!! Hey, I have one that looks just like your photo on the right on my front steps. We''re twins !!!!!
October 15th, 2020  
I understand your query, I've often wondered the same thing. You should see my jacaranda as compared to the nurseries'. Oy!
October 15th, 2020  
Probably similar to how our food looks different to when it’s in an ad or magazine
October 15th, 2020  
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