A Plateau In Life by allmydays

A Plateau In Life

In photography, I have reached a plateau and am working toward getting to the next one. What makes this difficult for me are some very annoying physical challenges. Many rounds of physical therapy have helped but I have limitations that make it impossible for me right now to carry my camera gear into places that are not on level ground. To get to this stream, I had to first go up a rocky path, and then down to where the stream is. If not for the encouragement and patience of the person I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with (married 22 years on this day, Nov 1st), I would have not made it to the location. He really has the patience of a saint and I am so thankful!

Anyway, cutting to the chase.. Usually, at this point, I would just make my excuses for not being able to do this and end it. This time I can't do that because it was my idea as a project for my daughter and myself to do together, tho miles apart. I've realized I needed an attitude adjustment, a change of perspective and point of view, which is why I'm giving up the notion that I have to capture all of my 365 photos into my Canon. My phone will do just fine and I can work on perspective and point of view in a whole other way.

Because you all don't know me, I went through a similar phase when I moved from film to digital. In some ways, I take after my dad who got very stuck on the DOS in computers and couldn't complain enough about Windows! Sometimes it really is just better to progress as we can, so, this is me progressing to a new way for now. At the very least, I'll be able to keep up with on a daily basis.

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