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Hi friends,

It's been awhile.

Life is busy and beautiful.

Just got back from a quick vacation last weekend where we went to visit a midwestern beach (Lake Michigan), took in a new national park (Indiana Dunes) and saw the city where I was born (Chicago).

Came home to a kid with a lice head and a sick dog.

Worth it, I guess. We did have a fabulous time and are so grateful to be home again.

This shot was my sweet Emily's idea (who is now almost 13!!!) and she chose to be her special letter E. The shot is also SOOC because I just don't have time to deal.

It took me 4 days to look at my photos finally!

Miss you all!
Fabulous family photo! Hang it on the wall! fav
July 20th, 2019  
Lovely idea and shot. Nice to see you back
July 20th, 2019  
July 20th, 2019  
Such a fun loving shot of the family silhouettes against a beautiful evening sky and sea ! fav
July 20th, 2019  
Take care, nice shot
July 20th, 2019  
oh how cute is this!
July 20th, 2019  
Hello old friend! LOVEly image!
July 20th, 2019  
outstanding for SOOC especially! Gorgeous color and silhouettes. Perfect subject!
July 20th, 2019  
What a wonderful photo! Perfect!
July 21st, 2019  
can't beat lake michigan! looks like you had a wonderful time! great color and silhouette! your kids are following in your creative footsteps!
July 21st, 2019  
Super family photo! So nice to know you're all doing good.
July 21st, 2019  
Cute family portrait!
July 21st, 2019  
Beautiful photo
July 21st, 2019  
Very clever.
July 21st, 2019  
Fantastic capture...It's great to see your post and that all is well with you and your family.
July 21st, 2019  
Love it ;) It doesn't need editing. Great to see you back, I'm finding I have less and less time for my photos also. But I keep going.
July 21st, 2019  
Love everything about this! Fabulous!
July 21st, 2019  
Great colours and silhouettes. Fav!! 😀
July 21st, 2019  
love it fav
July 21st, 2019  
Lovely shot. Fav! Good luck with the de-lice-sation! I’ve been there several times... Hope your dog’s better soon!
July 24th, 2019  
So special! Love the sentiment and colours!
July 28th, 2019  
August 1st, 2019  
awesome... miss your face
August 8th, 2019  
You are missed here, even if I'm not in that frequently, recently!
August 8th, 2019  
Cute shot. Take care and hope you come back soon.
August 9th, 2019  
Missed you, Amanda. This is a fabulous shot. LOVE it.
August 11th, 2019  
LOVE the pic!
August 19th, 2019  
Aww really adorable! Missing you photos, hope everything is well.
September 14th, 2019  
Your family has such fun together and you've captured so many of those times . . .

Just thinking of you and wondering how you've been. Miss seeing your photos.
September 30th, 2019  
@jyokota @cjphoto Working full time is kicking my booty. Just waaaay too much going on to keep up with photos:(. All good, though. Just crazy busy.
October 3rd, 2019  
@alophoto -- I understand that feeling . . . take care!
October 4th, 2019  
@alophoto I agree with Junko, I totally know what that's like. Happy that you're still good though and thanks for the update. Wishing you all the best on your work!
October 4th, 2019  
it's been a long time since i saw your photos....hope every thing is ok with you and your family ;)
Fab shot ;)
October 11th, 2019  
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