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Hello 2016! Setting myself up for another challenge! I hope it will be as successful as 2 years ago. =)

Last 2014 this is what I said:

Hello 2014! This is my Third attempt of the project! So I am gifting myself an ACE membership to make sure I finish this project. =)

Nothing fancy here really, just trying to finish the project one number at a time, In numerical order! Yep! Inspired by the flickr group "In Numerical Order". Let's see how far I can go with this...

Ready, Get Set, Go!!!

Last Year this is what I said:

For my second attempt at 365project. I wanted to finish all the 10 Photo Projects to do before I die list --> http://365project.org/blog/10-photo-projects-to-do-before-you-die and hopefully live to see the end result. hah!

I am looking forward to see the photos of fabulous 365ers i once followed on my closed account. I am one by one searching for all of you.

I am still a big Thomas Leuthard, Vivian Maier, Robin Warner wannabe and fan.

and I am still waiting for my big sis to send me the DSLR I've been wanting all my life.

and yeah, I am also blogging about daily happiness: