Blue - Day 23 by amy_sweet_september

Blue - Day 23

Lucky were tied down the tents securely yesterday. The rain and wind came in with a vengeance through the night. The tents stayed down thankfully but the grounds outside flooded and our tent leaked through the sides a bit. With lack of sleep and tents that need airing out we decided to cut our trip short and head home. One night roughing it in the wild weather was enough for me haha

We heard on the news when we got home that it was the most rainfall that Augusta had seen in a single day in 48 years. There was a new record of 57mm of rain overnight.
Love the shot and your composition. Sorry to hear about your camping trip, I hope you have all dried out.
January 24th, 2019  
January 24th, 2019  
Awww that brings back memories my sons lived at the skate park. Great photo I love the colour of the building
January 24th, 2019  
nice colored background, creates a good graphic quality. your son's a great sport to pose for you! lots of rain...glad you were able to make the best of it!
January 24th, 2019  
So cute!!
January 24th, 2019  
@nicolecampbell Thanks Nicole! All dried out now and the sunshine is back. We had a good time anyway :)

@moviegal1 Thank you :)

@melmarie3 Thanks. My son loves the skate parks too. He was happy to get a skate in between the rain :)

@jackies365 Thanks Jackie :) I love a bright coloured wall to use as a backdrop.

@kwind Thank you :)
January 24th, 2019  
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