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Hello my name is Andrew, I have loved photography ever since my Dad introduced me to the hobby.

Like most you, I have set myself the challenge of taking a picture a day for 1 year. I'm sure it will be quite tough but I am looking forward to growing my skills and learning lots from the other members. I really do want to get better so if you have any feedback on how to improve my photographs please let me know.

I have had a blog for a while now (www.andrewkru.com) which documented my surfing and kitesurfing adventures with my GroPro. To be honest, I've had enough of looking at pictures just of me!

So it's time to turn the camera around and capture the things that interest me. At the moment I'm not really to sure what type of photography I like the most but I'm sure after 365 uploads I will know!

May '14 update: I mainly use my Fuji X100s which is fixed at 23mm (35mm at full frame. Forcing myself to use one focal length is incredibly challenging but I am loving the experience.