Queen Victoria by andycoleborn

Queen Victoria

This is a page from a book published in 1897 entitled "Her Majestry's Glorious Jubilee" and was produced to celebrate Vicortia's 60 years on the throne.

It's a magnificant book, full of fantastic gold leaf pages such as this highlighting the 6 decades of the British Empire's growth during the Queen's reign. The workmanship is truly amazing.

It was passed down to me when my Grandparents died when I was about 8.

Shit ending to the day. Girlfriend's house was burgled today. Laptop, PS3, iPads stolen. Turns out her son had his keys stolen at school... We and the police suspect one of his fellow pupils...But it's proving it....
Oh, Andy, I'm so sorry to read that; it shouldn't happen to anyone. If there's an up side, it's that something irreplacable like your book, wasn't taken, and your girlfriend's safe. In the present it probably doesn't make it easier, but you have a community out here who are touched by your experience. That said, I love books from this time period; they really spared nothing to make them beautiful. I see it's in good hands.
March 11th, 2010  
Thanks Lousie.. both me and my girlfriend felt the same, as fortunately, she had backed up all her photos only a couple of weeks ago (something I'll be doing PDQ as well)... and only things taken were items easily replaced.. Knowing it was some scumbag from son's school and not a total drug-fueled ars*hole stanger (whoever it was didn't ransack her house so police think definately a kid who was only after IT equipment) also doesn't make it feel too much like a violation... Still want to throttle the little Sh*t... Excuse my french by the way...
March 11th, 2010  
Sorry to hear about your GF's house getting robbed. I hope they catch whoever did it and get her stuff back.
March 11th, 2010  
it's never fun to have things like that happen to you, sorry to hear that. hope you catch the thief!!
March 11th, 2010  
litte scrotum's hope you get the little scum bag 's, nice pic of an amazing book. good they didn trash the place but still a nasty thing to have happen.
March 11th, 2010  
What a beautiful book! So colourful still after all these years.

Hope you catch the little grots who took all those things from your girlfriend's house.

March 13th, 2010  
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