Empty Glass by andycoleborn

Empty Glass

Just a empty pint to go with the empty benches at the Captain Kidd's beer garden in Wapping. There's something wrong with this scene.. It's the last working day of the week, it's lunchtime, it's a lovely little garden overlooking the Thames but it's empty...!!! Where is everybody?? Surely they can't all be shopping for Easter eggs??

Took this pic as I had a lunchtime wander, I didn't stop for a pint though... Drinking at lunchtime just makes me want to fall asleep at my desk these days.

Four days off work... hurray!! Happy Easter.....................
Sorry you were left alone...and in such a nice place! Ahhh...all those people would have just mucked up the serenity of the scene! Happy Easter Holiday!
April 1st, 2010  
Four days off of work? Wow! We don't even get Good Friday off around these parts! Well, have fun and enjoy! Happy Easter!
April 1st, 2010  
Louise... it wasn't my drink, I was just strolling by... Sue, you don't get Good Friday off?!?! Blimey... both Friday and Easter Monday are bank holidays over here...
April 1st, 2010  
I like the meandering lines and perspective of the tables. nice one.
April 1st, 2010  
cool shot & yep it makes me sleep too.... but with 4 days off thats just what i need ...sleep lol
April 1st, 2010  
i really like the perspective in this.
April 2nd, 2010  
its a very calming scene. I like the lines of the wooden tables and greenery popping up through the cobblestones
April 3rd, 2010  
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