Well Darling.... by andycoleborn

Well Darling....

Celebrated work's 10th anniversay today with a nosh up at a Turkish resturant in Whitechapel... Good way to spend the afternoon... filling our bellies on the work's credit card...

The lady with her palm out is our Admin Manager and is someone with plenty to say! She never gives a yes or no answer and if you every dare ask her a question, her reply will start with "Well darling.... Before I answer that let me tell you...." before rambling on for about 10 minutes or so about the difficulties of her job blah blah blah...

Here she is no doubt giving some poor soul her profound views on life, the universe or just about anything really... :-)

Was a good afternnon though, nice to relax and spend time away from the office... plus loads of good food resulting in full and fat bellies...
What fun to share a little slice of your life and join you at the table! Nice picture of your co-workers (and funny story)!
April 22nd, 2010  
Such an interesting shot with all the faces there. It makes me want to know their stories.
April 22nd, 2010  
Oh...and don't we all know someone like this woman. Hope she doesn't follow 365. I love your photos...and your narratives are priceless to me. I wish you could do an audio recording for me. That would make them even more priceless.
April 23rd, 2010  
great shot - I love how you've focussed on the lady in the middle.
April 25th, 2010  
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