Flying the Flag by andycoleborn

Flying the Flag

Hurray! The World Cup started today. Over 90 hours of footie spread over 4 or so weeks... Fantastic.

In previous tournaments, there would be lots of flags and bunting up, but this year, I haven't noticed that much. A bit chavy perhaps?!?!?

Still, I came across this flat in East London where the owner had clearly nailed his colours to the mask. Of course, England play tomorrow, against our friends from across the pond. Sorry guys, but I won't be wishing you good luck tomorrow... hope you understand :-)

Watched a bit of the opening ceremony and first game during work. A few of us would make regular trips to the staff room for updates... Result - South Africa 1 Mexico 1.
I reckon there's more England flags than usual! At least in Nottingham there are, especially on cars everywhere. Perhaps you live in a more multicultural area, hence why there's less England flags flying. And yes, how can we support the Yanks tomorrow when they call football "soccer"?

I did the same today at work. Watched a bit of the opening ceremony and then the first match. World Cup: I love it.
June 11th, 2010  
I totally understand! Cheer England on... (: Love the photo
June 11th, 2010  
Yeah, maybe you're right...Where I work it's about 50% Bangladeshi, although in previous years the flags have been out in force... Have noticed quite a few cars with flags on though...

And as for 'soccer'...!!!! Never.... ha ha
June 11th, 2010  
Totally understand your lack of good wishes for tomorrows game, I guess I could say the same! I am married to a Brit and we will be on opposite sides of the couch! haha
June 11th, 2010  
Tomorrow I will be sitting on both sides of the couch! But I am leaning more to the England side.
June 11th, 2010  
I've seen loads of flags too, and drive/work all over London.
Bloomin footie, they took off 'Enders for tonights match!!!

Great snap btw!!
June 11th, 2010  
Oh, aren't you just going to be in Hog Heaven! I read your caption to my son-in-law who's something of a fan himself. I even watched most of today's game with my kids this afternoon. Given that I know everyone around the world is excited about these games, I'll just say, May the best team win! Enjoy your hours and hours of footie!
June 11th, 2010  
Hmmm... maybe it's just Tower Hamlets then... Have noticed a few more up around where I live so yep, it must be TH letting the Country down ha ha..
Hi Malcolm - Just for office banter, you'll have to support England :-)
Thanks Louise - Hog Heaven.. ha ha.. Being from Hampshire and therefore an 'Ampshire Hog... that's quite appropriate :-)
June 11th, 2010  
Lots of Brazilian flags everywhere.
I loved the game South Africa x Mexico. But France x Uruguay... very uninspiring match.
Andy, beautiful photo, I like to see the flags. As the song says: ""Now wave your flag"
June 11th, 2010  
Cool shot. Very representative.
June 12th, 2010  
Today is the day whether they really walk the talk....hope rooney not "over-talk" it (temper wise)...i need to see him else that's the end of my interest in
June 12th, 2010  
My husband is all revved up over it. We have a few pubs here and one of the papers has actually put out a viewing schedule for the cup. Each time a game is over, they clear the place to let the new group in. Hilarious!
June 12th, 2010  
Although l live in France my loyalties lie firmly with ENGLAND! I predict a 3-1 win for us.....
June 12th, 2010  
I probably shouldn't say this in a public forum, but I'm an England supporter! But I think the US will at least get one today. 2-1, that's my prediction.
June 12th, 2010  
Thanks for the grey v red squirrel tip.... and COME ON ENGLAND ( and the red squirrels and the grey ones and America....of course)!! (?) Trying to be diplomatic here!
June 12th, 2010  
@Andy: I've always understood that "Football" is a generic name for a large number of games - soccer, gridiron, rugby etc. When speaking about a specific code, why use a general term which may confuse people when a specific term is more accurate?

:) Have a great time watching your team this evening! From what I'm seeing on the TV they have great support.
June 12th, 2010  
ha ha i have been looking at flags and thinking of getting one up !!1 chavy nnarrr just getting involed in the wonderful world you said 90 hrs of football ace!!!!
June 14th, 2010  
Come on England! I have an English husband and we've been displaying the flag on our cars and home for weeks here in Miami.
June 18th, 2010  
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