Gourd Blimey!! by andycoleborn

Gourd Blimey!!

Had hoped for a trip to the zoo today, but plans changed and we ended up entertaining around at my girlfriend's house.

So instead of lions, tigers and elephants, it was time spent chopping, stirring and prepareing a number of dishes for the evening's entertainment.

This photo is my girlfriend holding a 5 foot long Bangladeshi gourd. It's shaped like a baseball bat and about as heavy! I can't remember the correct name but I think it's a member of the pumpkin family and it doesn't taste too bad - well, when my girlfriend cooks it that is - I would have no idea where to start!!!

This was given to her by a friend who has been busy growing them in his garden.

I was trying for this type of shot but she wasn't in the modeling mood as was busy cleaning up and helping me out in the kitchen hence focus a bit off...
Oh my LORD, now THAT's a GOURD!! LOL!!
September 5th, 2010  
No wonder you had left overs.
September 5th, 2010  
It is so cool !
September 6th, 2010  
I have never seen anything like this...that would last me at least 2 weeks...
September 6th, 2010  
jeez that is one large gourd! I can't say I ever seen or heard of anything like it.
September 6th, 2010  
OH MY WOW! That is HUGE! Even with it being a bit out of focus, I think it is one awesome shot!
September 6th, 2010  
ha ha ha!!!!!
September 6th, 2010  
Looks like her weapon of choice...
September 6th, 2010  
This is huge - did it taste nice?
September 6th, 2010  
Ha Ha... I was threatened with it a couple of times.... Although it tastes ok, there's enough here for a week and I really wouldn't want to eat it everyday...
September 6th, 2010  
Wow that is huge! Didn't know they came that big.
September 7th, 2010  
September 10th, 2010  
lol! This is cool!
September 13th, 2010  
yes ,very cool !!!!
October 11th, 2010  
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