Rainbow - Red4 by annied
Wow Annie. This looks like a canyon wall!
March 23rd, 2020  
Awesome texture!
March 23rd, 2020  
Awesome! I love the calendar view
March 23rd, 2020  
wow textures!
March 23rd, 2020  
@bill_fe thankyou 😊
How are you?
March 23rd, 2020  
Annie - your calendar view is really coming along nicely! I haven't even finished my Flash of Red yet so there is NO WAY I'm doing the rainbow month!
We are partners for the 400th get pushed challenge. (Can you believe if has been running that long?)
Your challenge is to try an in-camera double exposure. I know you have been issued this before, but this time I have a very specific type of double exposure required. I would like you to create an in-camera ghost-like image. I have seen some really creative ones with people coming through doors or down stairs. Google ghost-like double exposure and you will get tons of ideas!!
March 23rd, 2020  
@farmreporter thanks Wendy - sounds like fun - I will try and have a go - I am still working at preschool atm - kid numbers dropping but we are now looking to organise a package to help parenta keep them occupied :)
March 24th, 2020  
@annied hi Annie. I'm doing well. I'm a bit frightened about the Coronavirus. I was crazy busy, but now I'm not quite getting in enough hours. I am considered an essential employee because we work with developmentally disabled individuals.
March 26th, 2020  
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