February Words by annied

February Words

Here is the February word list - will post the discussion page shortly :)
Thsnk uou Annie.
February 1st, 2020  
Such a colourful word of the month!
Did you know I print these off to carry with me ? I then have no excuse to not do them (except lack of time)
Thank you for doing this, Annie!! I really do appreciate it!
February 1st, 2020  
@farmreporter you're welcome 😊
February 1st, 2020  
wow that's gorgeously presented
February 1st, 2020  
Hi, Annie, we're Get Pushed partners this week. How about taking some photos of bubbles, either Fizzy fruit bubbles, or some other type of bubbles? Have fun!
February 3rd, 2020  
@annied Hi Annie, I'm Val, your get pushed partner this week. As Valentine's Day falls this week, thought maybe something along the theme of hearts? For your challenge, my suggestion is to either use a heart-shape as a frame (could be naturally-occurring, or arranged) or arrange a still life into the shape of a heart. Is that ok?
Think I posted this isn the wrong place first of all, hope you find this one!
February 10th, 2020  
@annie do you have a challenge for me, please?
February 11th, 2020  
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