Without love we are birds with broken wings by annika82

Without love we are birds with broken wings

This heron I suppose it is - was sat in this pond which happens to be in the middle of the forest near a rather busy road. That was kinda odd. But he is so pretty :)
Great capture! Wonderful l ight and green shades.
October 11th, 2016  
A super capture
October 11th, 2016  
Well seen...
October 11th, 2016  
@kwind Thank you Kim
October 12th, 2016  
@carolmw Thank you Carol
October 12th, 2016  
@ivan Thank you Ivan
October 12th, 2016  
Annika, I hope you don't mind me commenting. There are a few comments I would have about this photo and how you can make it even better. Firstly, it's a nature scene. Animals always look better and more natural when there are no man made components in the frame. I would have a look at cropping out the fence at the top of the scene to see what I mean. It works at the zoo too! Zoo photos with animals in cages with man made fences look just like that, but when careful framing of the shot eliminates them, the photos start to look more like safari shoots.

The bird is over exposed here. It's a tough shot. The camera sees all that green and wants to expose it. If you read about 18% grey and exposure you will see what I mean. To avoid this, in a scene with a lot of green, I usually use the spot meter function of the camera and with the center focus point determine what the exposure should be for the shot by pointing it to the green area that represents the over all green the best. Then, I usually turn down the exposure by about 3/4ths from there. It works magic most of the time. The bird is overexposed because the feathers are naturally reflecting back more light than even the reflective leaves because of their lighter color. You can also chose to spot meter on just the bird (or any of the brightest parts of the scene).
Ok, hope that makes some sense.
November 8th, 2016  
@adambralston thanks a lot for your very detailed comment and critics on how to make it better. I will try for my next animal shots. Unfortunately they are rather rare. Thanks again for taking the time :) I appreciate it
November 9th, 2016  
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