Timeslip by antvision


Just the idea that such a paranormal phenomenon could exist which allows a person, or a group of people, to travel through time due to a rift in the very fabric of time itself, fascinates me to no end! I'm very open minded about paranormal and supernatural possibilities, but I also view the world around me with a healthy dose of skepticism. I certainly wasn't born yesterday... No, sir! More like 40 years ago, actually.

If you could "slip" away to any date/place in time, what/where would it be?

Now, for the answer to yesterday's 'What is it?'... 365's very own pinkribbonwendi AND Monica Neal Hertzman, via facebook, were BOTH the first ones to correctly guess what it is! So CONGRATULATIONS, LADIES! You have very keen eyes, but you win nothing. Now for the reveal! (Drumroll, please.) The object in the photo is... the end of a WHITE STARFISH's arm. Now, wasn't that FUN, everyone?! Thank you all, for playing! We'll have to do it again, real soon!
How in the world did you do this? Please share your technique
April 29th, 2010  
Wendi, it's an ancient Chinese secret... and to share my knowledge with you could mean certain death! Nah! Just kidding! But I had you goin' there for a sec, didn't I? What's that? I didn't?! Oh...

Alright, then. I'll just go ahead and answer your silly question. I wouldn't really say that I use a specific technique so much as I just try to use whatever object I've chosen for the main focal point to its fullest advantage. For example, with this photo of the clock where time appears to be just starting to blur & slip away, all I did was shoot the pic at a certain angle through the extra-thick, crystal ball-type glass which covers the clock face in order to get the distorted image. It really was simple! You might want to try shooting some things through different types of glass. Thick glass, wavy glass, colored glass, block glass... you'd be surprised at the cool results!

Why not give it a "SHOT"?!
April 29th, 2010  
Very cool! And so EASY once it's explained! Thanks for clearing that up - I will try that!
April 30th, 2010  
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