Bouncing rubber baby pony by antvision

Bouncing rubber baby pony

No, it doesn't REALLY bounce, I just thought the title sounded a lot more fun that way.(Plus, it's a fun thing at parties to try and make people say, real quick-like and several times in a row!) But it IS made of rubber, and it's vintage from like the '40s or '50s. I found it in an antique shop and gave it to my husband either for Christmas, or his Birthday. He loves, loves, LOVES ponies!

We have a few other neat, old vintage rubber toys sitting around our house. Perhaps, one day, I will make THEM model for the camera, too...
I love the detail in the eyes - you do great closeup photography.
May 1st, 2010  
Thanks, Wendi!
That sparkle in the pony's eye was a detail that I specifically "focused" on. And it wasn't as easy to capture, as one might think. It was rather tricky getting the position of my light source just right, etc. I didn't use a flash for this, but instead used a funky little hand-crank flashlight. So there I was without a tripod (Ding! Ding! Ding!), holding the camera (which isn't a convenient little point & shoot, it's a bigger digital SLR) in my right hand and the flashlight in my left, constantly moving it around trying to position it so that the shot will look its best AND the eye will glisten... Not to mention the camera was awkward to hold and focus with my other single hand! The whole scene would've probably looked pretty comical to anyone watching! But I got the shot, so it's ALL GOOD. I really need a tripod...
May 1st, 2010  
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